Welcome to Definitive Leagues


Definitive Leagues coordinates online gaming tournaments for several First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and the good old Medal of Honor: Spearhead. Hopefully we will expand our range of diversity over the upcoming months. In case you want to help with setting up new tournaments, please let us know! We are interested both in new games as well as in tournaments for games that we already are familiar with.

Ever since Definitive Leagues was founded it is known for good honest play and understanding between clans. Definitive Leagues tries to keep a pleasant atmosphere both on this site and during matches. We have been known for housing well-behaving teams and running fair competitions with a touch of sportsmanship for a long time now. This league has thrived on trust and good manners and will continue to do so over the upcoming years.

Also note that since April 2012 we have re-launched our website with a bright new theme which is enjoyably pleasant to the eyes and significantly more up-to-date with current website technology. As new content is added over time, it should and will contain much more information and be so much more than just a regular forum.

Over the coming months we will be expanding it by introducing exciting new features such as a management plugin for every individual, squad and clan to manage their settings, information, rosters, matches and so on. In addition to that, the good old features such as the trophy room and the YouTube movies will return with more functionality than before.

Last but definitely not least, we would like to thank all the names, familiar and unfamiliar, that have registered here and have supported our league throughout the years. We thank our volunteering administrators for all the effort they have and will continue to put in coordinating all of the activities hosted by Definitive Leagues.

Enjoy and see you on the battlefield!